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Tuesday: Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman + An Army Wife Gets a Makeover + Her Deployed Hubby Surprises Her on Our Stage


  • PRIZE: Cameron’s Original Stovetop Smoker + Variety of Indoor Smoking Chi

    Winners: Sheila S., AR; Mary B., OH; Jeralyn E., VA;

  • PRIZE: ‘Bear Bottom Bliss’ Cookbook (Value: $34.95 USD)

    Winners: Tesha G., MI; Jenny H., LA; Liz S., CA; David C., MD; Alisha S., A

  • PRIZE: ‘The Complete Gut Health Cookbook’ by Pete Evans (Value: $24.95

    Winners: Lori G., MT; David S., FL; Leslie A., MA; Gail L., CA; Michael L.,

  • PRIZE: ‘Strong Is the New Beautiful’ by Lindsey Vonn (Value: $27.99 USD

    Winners: Andrea O., MA; Terrence M., MO; Christy H., WA; Teri E., CO; Lenor

  • PRIZE: GEM Box (Value: $99.99 USD)

    Winners: Angie W., NE; Jacqueline F., TX; Peter R., NY;

  • PRIZE: $75 Man Crates Gift Card (Value: $75 USD)

    Winners: Martha D., IA; Steve B., CA; Robyn B., MN; Suzi P., OR; Louis D.,

  • PRIZE: Fossil Q Nate Hybrid Stainless Steel Smartwatch (Value: $195 USD)

    Winners: Linda F., SC; Judith G., CA; Ron C., MS;

  • PRIZE: Fossil Q Gazer Hybrid Stainless Steel Smartwatch (Value: $215 USD)

    Winners: Harriet K., NE; Eric M., NM; Migdalia R., NY;

  • PRIZE: ‘Food, Health and Happiness’ by Oprah Winfrey (Value: $35 USD)

    Winners: Gloria L., NC; Kevin H., OK; Susanne T., WI;

  • PRIZE: EatSmart Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale (Value: $69.95 USD)

    Winners: Linda E., CO; Rachel S., MA; Carole S., MO;

  • PRIZE: EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale (Value: $29.99 USD)

    Winners: Michael D., NY; Selene M., IN; Tori M., OH;

  • PRIZE: Rachael Ray Red 2-Piece EVOO & Vinegar Bottle Set (Value: $29.99 USD

    Winners: Jack J., IN; Jean K., IL; Ceka P., WI;

  • PRIZE: A Pentatonix Christmas CD (Value: $11.88 USD)

    Winners: Kim C., GA; Don D., MO; Brandi T., NV; Amy L., MD;

  • PRIZE: A Pentatonix Christmas Google Cardboard VR Viewer (Value: $15 USD)

    Winners: Beverly P., IL; Karen T., NC; Betty B., NV; Nicholas K., VA; Kim B

  • PRIZE: Trio of Kiehl's Products (Value: $109 USD)

    Winners: Sue P., CT; Sharon J., DE; Terry C., ME;

  • PRIZE: ‘The Keys’ by DJ Khaled (Value: $18 USD)

    Winners: Joyce G., KY; Sue K., OH; Helen M., NY; Kathleen S., MI; Cindy S.,