2 Products That Help Stop Snoring, According To a Sleep Doctor

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Playing Sleep Doctor-Recommended Products to Help Stop Snoring | Dr. Michael Breus

When sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus came on our show, not only did he tell us that not everyone actually needs 8 hours of sleep a night (!!), but the doc also revealed many other snooze-related secrets and gave some product recommendations that could help you catch more Zs.

If you or your partner are plagued by snoring, listen up!

Dr. Breus revealed two products currently on the market that can help reduce snoring.

1. Mouthguard

While there are a variety of mouthguards aimed to help stop snoring, you should look for one that is moveable, according to the doc. 

"By moving the jaw slightly forward, you open up the airway and you stop that level of snoring," he explains.

2. Internal Nasal Dilator

This simple device goes inside the nose.

"You can't see it, in 30 seconds you can't feel it, and it levels out snoring completely," the doctor claims.

As an added bonus, you can purchase these nasal dilators at most major drugstores.

"If you think that [you or] your partner could have something called sleep apnea, talk with your doctor," Dr. Breus says.

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