2010s: The Top 3 Hairstyles Of The Decade, According To Kim Kardashian's Hairstylist

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At the end of every year, we always look back on top moments, styles, recipes … you get the picture! But this year, we're not only looking back on 2019, but at the entire decade

Who better to help us round up the top hairstyles of the 2010s than hairstylist-to-the-stars (like J.Lo and Kim Kardashian!), Chris Appleton? (Plus, he updates each trend for 2020 — and we're in awe.)

1. The Lob (a.k.a. a long bob)

2010s Trend: "It was kind of longer than the shoulder," Chris says.

kerry washington

2020 Update: "It's much shorter [and] it's way more committed," he explains. "It's a really confident look."

rachael ray show
Rachael Ray Show

"It's almost like it's been cut with a laser," the hair guru goes on. "It's super blunt and sharp."

Now, how short you go with your lob really depends on face shape and hair type, Chris says. If you have a rounder face or curlier hair, opt for a slightly longer lob, he suggests.

2. The Half-Up Hairstyle

2010s Trend: The half-up bun 

Hilary Duff

2020 Update: A half-up ponytail, which Chris calls "the fountain of youth" 

"It pulls on the face, and it's all in the direction that you pull the ponytail," he explains. "It's shorter, it's fresher and it's bouncier. It's almost a nod to the '60s."

rachael ray show
Rachael Ray Show

"The key to the flick is using a really large curling iron," Chris says. Chris also suggests using a root powder to match the color of your face (which may or may not have makeup on it and sees sunlight way more than your scalp does) to your scalp. He uses Color Wow Root Cover Up

"It literally brings hairlines down and gives it a much fuller effect," the hairstylist explains. "It covers greys, as well."

3. Curly Hair

2010s Trend: Tight ringlet or crunchy gel curls 


2020 Update: Big and bouncy curly hair

rachael ray show
Rachael Ray Show

Chris uses Color Wow Dream Coat and Conair's Fashioncurl to get this look. (Watch it in action in the video above!) "The bigger and bouncier, the better," Chris says of updating the curly locks look for 2020.

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