3 Adorable Christmas Animals From Around the World

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Playing Christmas Animals From Around The World Visit Us On Set

A reindeer is the go-to Christmas animal for most Americans, but in other parts of the world, traditional Christmas animals run the gamut from cute and cuddly kangaroos to hoofed mammals like goats.

Animal expert Jarod Miller brought three incredible animals to the show to share their unique Christmas stories. Watch the video above to learn more—and to hear about what a camel once did in the studio!


The camel is a pretty well-known symbol of Christmas, thanks to its Biblical history. Legend has it that the three wise men traveled on camelback after the birth of Jesus. Today, camels are still popular during Christmas time—if you visit Egypt, you just might spot Santa atop one of these unique creatures in front of the pyramids!


A kangaroo doesn't exactly ring Christmas bells for most Americans, but this marsupial from Down Under plays a surprising role in Australia's holiday celebrations. In the popular song "Six White Boomers," Santa gives his reindeer a break when he reaches Australia, instead employing kangaroos.


Many countries in Scandinavia decorate their homes with a goat. No, not a real one, but one common Christmas decoration in Sweden and other places is a goat made from straw, also called a Yule Goat. The straw symbolizes the last harvest of the year, and some say that the Yule Goat is a spirit that visits households to make sure Christmas preparations are underway.

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