3 DIY Holiday Gifts That Are SO Easy to Make, Even the Kids Can Get Involved!

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Playing 3 Kid-Friendly DIY Gifts for the Holidays — Including a Shaving Cream Art!

It's officially the season of gifting, dear readers!

And one of the loveliest ways to gift?

By making something with your very own two hands, of course. ❤️

Great idea, you say, but you could use a little guidance? Well, that's precisely why we called up DIY pro Charlotte Smith.

The Connecticut-based blogger (AtCharlottesHouse.com) and mom of five — not to mention, the very first winner of our Viewer Tip-Off — is chock full of fabulous DIY gifting ideas, and she was kind enough to share three of her best with us.

Even better, they're all kid-friendly, so little ones can get in on the fun, too!

Just one hot tip from Charlotte if you do plan on getting your kids involved: prep!

"The key to doing projects with kids is to be organized and ready for them," she says.

Roger that!

Watch the video above to see her (and her sweet children!) in action — and scroll below for additional details on each project.

DIY Holiday Gift 1: Shaving Cream Marbled Artwork

Marbled artwork by Charlotte Smith
Rachael Ray Show

As Charlotte and her kids demonstrate, this one starts by spraying shaving cream on a cookie sheet. From there…

1. Spread the shaving cream over the sheet with your fingers.
2. Drizzle craft paint over the cream.
3. Swirl the paint around using a paint mixing stick.
4. Take a sheet of paper and press it into the shaving cream.
5. Pull it off and lay it on a flat surface.
6. Take a small piece of cardboard and, with a bit of pressure against the sheet, scrape all of the excess shaving cream off the paper.
7. Let it dry!
8. Write L-O-V-E on small, heart-shaped pieces of paper, and tape them in place.

Pop it in a frame, and voila!

DIY Holiday Gift 2: Graphic Color-Block Artwork Using Individual Mini Canvases

Mini Canvases by Charlotte Smith
Rachael Ray Show

This second craft involves lots of mini canvases to make one BIG canvas.

Essentially, you paint each of the small squares — all of which should fit together to create one BIG square or rectangle — the colors of your choice. Once dry, you can add a little visual interest by applying tape — either straight across or diagonally — and re-painting half of those same squares. Dry once more!

Glue all of the squares together, using a piece of cardboard to back them, then add a frame (or, as Charlotte did, glue dowels), and you've got a work of modern art!

DIY Holiday Gift 3: Simple Wooden Frame With Monogram

Monogrammed wooden frame by Charlotte Smith
Rachael Ray Show

Last, but certainly not least, we've got this simple wooden frame personalized with a monogram.

Charlotte asked her kids to sand small squares of wood, then draw the initial of their choice onto the wood. Then, Charlotte herself hopped in with a wood burner — which, she said, she picked up online. (Not too bad!) With the burner, she was able to trace the letter and turn it into a proper monogram.

Finally, she glued a clip in place, to clip the photo of her kids' choice!

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