3 Easy (and Chic!) Holiday Decor DIYs From Viral TikTok Couple

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Playing 3 Easy Holiday Decor DIYs From TikTok Craft Grooms

There is nothing more fun than decking out your home for the holidays, but holiday decorations can get expensive. This adorable couple, Brad and Tim, who have recently taken TikTok by storm (@craftgrooms) know a thing or two about crafting on a budget. Here, they're sharing three easy, on-trend DIY ideas for your home this holiday season that won't break the bank.  

Here are the instructions and supplies for each of the three DIYs they showed us: 

Nutcracker Chic 

Rachael Ray Show

For this project you only need two items: a nutcracker from your local craft store and spray paint or stain, single colors work best.  

1. Start by taking your nutcracker out to a well ventilated area and put some paper down underneath. 

2. Spray with one or two light coats of paint (make sure to cover all the sides). Then, let it dry usually about 3-4 hours. 

And that's it! Yes, it's really that simple.  

Holiday Floral Frames 

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In just minutes you can have this adorable new holiday decor item to go on your table or mantel using holiday florals and a frame.  

1. Start by removing the back of the frame and set it to the side.  

2. Pull all the berries and leaves off of your florals, and snip off all the plastic nubs, so they can lay flat.  

3. Lay out your arrangement on the board where you want to place it, and then take pieces off and glue them down. Glue all the way down the stem so that they lay nice and flat.  

4. Repeat the process until everything is glued down.  

5. Once everything is glued, flip the back of the frame back in and secured it down with the prongs or tabs. 

DIY Mistletoe 

Rachael Ray Show

1. Start by cutting out your mistletoe template in paper, which you can find in an online search. 

2. Take your outline, place it onto your felt and using a marker or pen, trace around it. Once you've got that outline, cut a small piece of the felt off, so it's easier to handle. 

3. Once you have your pieces cut out, unwrap your floral wire and cut it to length.  

4. Lay it down the stem all the way down to the leaves, and trim it at the end, lay it on your felt and then come back and lay smaller pieces for the individual leaves.  

5. Lay a nice bead of hot glue down the mistletoe. Take the wire and carefully press it into the hot glue.  

6. Put on your second layer of felt. Start from the top, and place the felt lined up over your original mistletoe felt piece. Work your way down from the stem to get everything nicely adhered.  

7. Repeat this process multiple times, then take your finished sprigs and glue them together into a bunch.  

8. Finally, glue on those pom-poms, and for a finishing touch, tie a bow around the top of the bunch. 

We can't get over how cute this is!     

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