3 Easy, Inexpensive Decor Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Feel More Expensive

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Playing Easy Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Luxurious Without Breaking the Bank

Former fashion stylist and marketing executive Preston Konrad recently renovated his Upper West Side NYC apartment—and it looks absolutely stunning. He even took us on a tour, so you all can see for yourselves.  

But, Preston didn't want to just show without telling. Here, he shares some of his top tips to give your house a more expensive feel (without spending a ton):  

1. Bring In Curated Lighting  

picture light
Rachael Ray Show

"I have tons of art and one of the easiest ways to highlight that art is with a picture light," Preston says. And, typically when you think of these, you'd think it would involve hardwiring your wall, hiring an electrician, but not with Preston's tip.  

He actually found an option that's under $30 on Amazon and it's battery-operated—and you can turn it on and off with a remote. Plus, you can even adjust the lighting to fit the mood of the room.  

Picture Lighting

Picture Lighting


 "I have these all over my apartment," Preston shares. And we don't blame him—we're obsessed!  

2. Layer Rugs 

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"It's not as complicated as you'd think—and it adds depth, contrast, texture and it lets you be a little more creative with your space," Preston explains.  

Preston suggests starting with a big neutral rug and then take a slightly smaller rug and place it on the diagonal on top of the first rug. Preston went for a vintage Persian rug for some color and pattern.  

This trick helps to define the space more and can even work in a wall-to-wall carpeted room.  

Pro Tip: Make sure you use a good rug pad on the base rug, so they're not sliding around.  

3. Try a Dome Light Cover 

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"You know when you move into a place and there's that builder-grade lighting that you've seen in every single apartment? Maybe you're renting and you can't hire an electrician or damage the ceiling—here's the solution," Preston says.  

"You can leave the current light on the ceiling and essential what you do is you leave the fixture up, no electrician required, you remove the glass and you put this beautiful shade on top with the converter screws that come with it—and the end result is phenomenal," Preston explains.  

Moderne Flush Mount Conversion Kit

Moderne Flush Mount Conversion Kit


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