3 Genius Storm Prep Hacks From "GMA" Meteorologist Ginger Zee

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Playing "GMA" Meteorologist Ginger Zee On 3 Smart Ways to Prepare For a Storm

Ginger Zee has weathered (no pun intended!) more than a few big storms in her day. So, we were all ears when she shared a few helpful household tips for storm preparedness that she’s learned along the way.

The best part? They all involve super-common items you'll already have in the pantry.

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1. Quarter + Cup Of Water = Freezer Test
After a storm-induced power outage, it can be hard to tell if your refrigerator was affected. Before the storm, Ginger advises to fill a strong plastic or tempered glass cup with water, stick it in the freezer until solid and then place a quarter on top. After the storm, if your quarter has sunk to the bottom, she says, your freezer and refrigerator likely lost power, and you should toss the food.

"This isn't foolproof," Ginger warns, "but that makes sense, right?"

2. Headlamp + Water Gallon = Instant Lantern
In the last storm Ginger covered, she says, the power went out super early. She had a headlamp with her, and some extra gallons of water so, she strapped the headlamp to the gallon of water, and voilà: Instant lantern! When she went to the bathroom, she could actually see.

”I did my makeup for 'GMA' during the hurricane with this,” she tells us.

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3. Gallon Bags + Water = Cooler Packs AND Extra Water
Fill gallon resealable plastic bags with water, Ginger advises, and then stick them in the freezer. Not only will they keep your freezer colder longer, she says, but you'll also have extra water if they do end up melting.

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