3 of Our Most Emotional Makeovers

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Grab yourself a box of tissues and take a seat!

We're taking a look back at our show's biggest moments — including the best, most emotional makeovers!

While many — or, to be honest, all! — of our makeovers could have made this list, we let our staff pick their favorites, and they narrowed it down to these three.

1. Brian — and His Surprise Proposal!

Rachael Ray Show

Brian lost 300 pounds — an incredible feat! Which is why his girlfriend, Brittany, decided to nominate him for a makeover on our show. But little did she know there was a surprise in store for her, too: After Brian revealed his sharp new look, he got down on one knee and popped the question! 

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2. Shandra and Her Wedding Do-Over

Rachael Ray Show

After seven years of marriage, two kids and losing 100 (!!) pounds, Shandra decided she wanted to redo her wedding photos — and show off the hard work she put into her new body! But we went a step further: We helped her and her husband, Ron, renew their vows — right here on our show! Then sent them off on a wedding photo shoot around NYC. The pics? Gorgeous, of course — and the couple could not have looked happier.

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3. Army Vet and Double Amputee Christy Gets Her “First” Pair of High Heels

Christy Gardener
Image courtesy of Christy Gardener

Army vet Christy got injured while serving in the army in Asia, and as a result, lost part of her memory and her legs from the knees down. But that certainly didn't slow her down! With the help of prosthetics, Christy's learned how to walk, run, even swim, and is training for the Olympics. But one thing she misses? Dressing herself up for a night out with high heels — something her mom hoped we could help with. And with a little assist, we managed to make her dream come true! 

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