3 Ways To Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

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Can you play a hand in speeding up your metabolism? Dr. Travis from "The Doctors" says YES, and he has three tips on how to do it.

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1. Exercise Your Muscle Groups

"A pound of muscle will burn 10 calories a day. A pound of fat, only two or three," Dr. Travis says. So the goal is to replace fat with lean muscle mass.

So one of the easiest things you can do to achieve that is to exercise your big muscle groups, like your glutes and quads. Squats are great for that, Dr. Travis says! (Dr. Travis who does his AGE — 47! — in push-ups and bodyweight squats EVERY DAY.)

2. Know What's In Your Food

Yes, if you can believe it, you can use FOOD to trigger your metabolism, because you burn calories through digestion. BUT it has to be the right food. (You know the drill!)

The doc says foods that feature "capsaicin" (the ingredient that makes chili peppers hot), like Cayenne pepper can naturally boost your metabolism. Another chemical that brings the heat is "piperine," and it's found in black pepper.

Other foods Dr. Travis recommends for a boost? Green tea and foods high in protein and high in fiber (like cucumbers!). Try his Cool Cucumber Yogurt Dip.

3. Get Your ZZZs!

"Sleep is very important," Dr. Travis says.

"Just one bad night of rest can slow down your metabolism," he continues. So don't forfeit a solid night's sleep, make it a priority!

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