5 Of The Hottest Spring Cleaning Gadgets, According To a Seasoned Pro

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Playing 5 Of The Hottest Spring Cleaning Gadgets Of 2019 With HGTV Tech Expert Chi Lan Lieu

If anyone can make the thought of spring cleaning a little more exciting, it's one of our favorite lifestyle and tech experts, HGTV star Chi-Lan Lieu.

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The tech guru is showing us five electronic products that she says will actually make you WANT to clean. Don't believe us? See the gadgets in action for yourself in the video above and get all the deets below.

Gadget #1: FoldiMate

The FoldiMate — which is currently in prototype form — was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show last year, and Chi-Lan says it folds your laundry FOR you!

"It takes your clothes into the machine, whether it be shirts, pants, what have you," she claims. "I love the fact that it does spit it out and … it's folded."

"It does everything from children's clothes all the way up to adult XXL," Chi-Lan continues. "It does towels, it does pillowcases, and it can [fold] a full load of laundry in about 4 minutes."

The FoldiMate is scheduled to be released in late 2019, Chi-Lan tells us, so try to contain your excitement until then!

Gadget #2: Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

The Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball is a microfiber ball with a vibrating internal motor.

"You set it on the ground and now it's going to roll into all of those corners, underneath the furniture and clean all of those dust bunnies in those hard to reach areas," Chi-Lan says.

Because it has a microfiber exterior, you can vacuum the outside or throw it in the washer to keep it clean, according to the expert.

"It lasts for about three hours. It will run for about 15 minutes at a time, and then you just give it a little push and then it will go on cleaning," Chi-Lan adds.

Gadget #3: Black & Decker™ Grimebuster™ Pro

The Grimebuster™ Pro rechargeable powered scrubber comes with a charging stand, and Chi-Lan likes to use it in the kitchen for pots and pans and stains around the sink that need a little extra elbow grease.

"It just does the work for you!" she claims.

Gadget #4: Force of Nature™

"I know a lot of us are trending toward more natural house cleaners, and this is so natural — it uses just a few ingredients," Chi-Lan claims.

Fill the Force of Nature appliance with tap water and add one capsule (which is just salt, vinegar and water). "This is a special, patented concoction that comes with the Force of Nature," according to the HGTV star.

"This is going to create an all-natural cleaner that's safe on pretty much every surface," she claims. "It becomes an all-purpose cleaner that is made in six minutes, with a lot of science."

"[The cleaner] is actually as powerful as bleach, but it's totally safe," Chi-Lan claims.

All you have to do is push the button, wait about six minutes, pour it into the spray bottle and use the cleaner to clean and deodorize pretty much any surface, Chi-Lan explains.

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Gadget #5: The iRobot® Braava jet® 240 Mopping Robot

The Braava jet® from iRobot claims to clean dirt and stains from hard surfaces, including hard-to-reach places in your bathroom.

"I love the size," Chi-Lan says. "This will allow it to go in between the toilet and the wall, behind the toilet, around the sink."

To use, flip up the lid, fill the machine with water and select one of the three cleaning pads (wet mopping, damp sweeping or dry sweeping).

"And the robot is so smart that once you put the pad on here [and press clean], it reads what it needs to do," Chi-Lan continues.

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