A 7-Day Guide To Preparing For an Event Like a Celebrity

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Playing Prepping For a Big Event In 7 Days With Stylist Joe Zee

Do you always feel panicked and like there are not enough hours in the day when you have a major event coming up? Well, if this rings true, Joe Zee has advice for you!

The fashion stylist is the creator and executive producer of Netflix's docuseries "7 Days Out," which gives viewers a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes during the seven days leading up to some of the world's biggest events. So — you guessed it — he's walking you through the important to-dos to check off in the seven days leading up to YOUR big event.

DAY 7: Plan + Pick Your Total Look

Somehow, it always seems that deciding what you're going to wear ends up at the bottom of the list. Well, no more!

"Pull out all your options, try it on and solidify that so you're not scrambling," Joe says.

Trying everything on ensures that you're really comfortable going into the big event. And as Rach reminds, remember to check the weather!

DAY 6: Prep Your Accessories

The last thing you want during an event is aching feet, so break in those shoes!

"You can actually use a hair dryer and blow on the leather and just sort of crack [the shoe] once it's warmed up a bit," Joe suggests.

Another technique? Wearing socks with your shoes while breaking them in.

Also, to prevent slipping and sliding in new shoes, here's a pro-tip Joe uses with celebs: score the bottoms with scissors or sandpaper (which he says is the easier option!).

DAY 5: Create Your Fashion Emergency Kit

Make sure you're prepared for ANY fashion emergency by throwing these look-saving items in a pouch.

  • Clear nail polish to stop stocking runs
  • Hairspray — not only for hair, but also as a static guard (Rach also recommends a fabric relaxer!)
  • Double stick tape
  • Black safety pins (they can double as a back-up hemming tool!)
  • Small sewing kit

DAY 4: Cut Out The Carbonation

"This is [when] you want to start getting ready for your outfit, so you want to debloat," Joe explains.

Don't have many carbonated drinks or chew gum (yes, gum!) — they can cause bloating, Joe says.

DAY 3: Make Time For Beauty Treatments

Want a pedicure, manicure, scrub or facial for your big event? This is the day to do it. It's not too far out that you will chip a nail and also not too close that you'll be scrambling.

But remember, book these appointments way ahead of day three.

DAY 2: Prep Your Outfit

"This is the time you want to take out your outfit and not have it wrinkle in your closet," Joe says.

Steam it or let it breathe, check hems and buttons — whatever you need to do, because tomorrow is the big day!


You did it! Now go celebrate!

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