A Beauty Expert On The Mistakes You Might Be Making With Bronzer

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Playing Makeup Queen Mally Roncal On Mistakes You Might Be Making With Bronzer

Bronzer has become essential to the makeup routines of our favorite celebs, but not everyone, like one of our viewers named Caitlin, knows exactly how to apply it. (We're with her!) Due to her pale skin, she says, she feels as though bronzer makes her look "dirty" instead of glowy.

Well, according to makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty, Mally Roncal, a few things can be going wrong here.

"Number one: sparkly is out," Mally explains. "Sometimes people sell you sparkly bronzer and you end up looking like an orange disco ball. That is not the way to do it."

Plus, Mally says that bronzer is not for the full face or "wall-to-wall carpeting," as she calls it. Remember, less is more!

She suggests taking your brush and starting behind the ear to rid yourself of excess product that might be on the brush at first. Then, go around the perimeter of the face where the sun naturally hits you.

"Around the face is going to give you that beautiful healthy glow," Mally says. "Blend it into your hairline then go all over, just with a little bit left over. That's what's going to make it look natural."

And finally, don't forget your ears!

See Mally work her magic in the video above.

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