A No-Mess Egg Cracking Gadget? We Tried It

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Playing Egg Cracker Demo | Our Culinary Team Tests Kitchen Gadgets

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There's no food that says breakfast quite like eggs, right? At least that's the opinion of Kate Bennert, one of the food stylists on our culinary team.

"Opening them up can sometimes be a hassle," she says. "If you crack an egg wrong, you can get it all over your counter. Or you can get shells in whatever dish that you're trying to make."

She's testing out a product that claims to quickly and easily crack open raw eggs without getting your hands dirty.

Product: Ashero Egg Opener
Claims to crack an egg with ease with one squeeze.

Watch the video above to see how Kate fared when testing out the egg-cracking gadget.

Kate also shared two of her top kitchen tips for cracking eggs the old-fashioned way with ease.


Rachael always says that shell attracts shell, Kate explains. So if you drop a piece of eggshell into the bowl while cracking an egg, just dip the empty eggshell into the bowl and it will pick the smaller piece right up.


Kate's bonus tip is to crack and prep a large number of eggs before you need them — like when you're hosting a big breakfast that you want to prepare for ahead of time. Here's how: 

Crack all the eggs into a big glass bowl, then use an immersion or stick blender to blend them up. Pour the blended eggs into an airtight container and store them in the fridge until you're ready to cook!

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