Ali Wentworth Says Her House Was a "Disaster" When She Emerged From Isolation After Having Covid

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Playing Ali Wentworth On Quarantine Life: "George was doing 'Good Morning America' in his boxers"

Ali Wentworth has been very open about her Covid-19 journey—from her diagnosis through her recovery. And while the author and comedian does not understate the seriousness of the virus, she does talk about her Covid experience like she does everything else: in the funny, frank, self-deprecating and relatable manner people (including Rach!) know and love.

"When I had it, I was really sick, like high fever, couldn't move my body," Ali says. "We were obviously quarantined with everybody else," she adds about her husband George Stephanopoulos and their two daughters. "George was doing 'Good Morning America' from the living room in his boxers with two dogs that he kept throwing bones at so they wouldn't bark in the middle of an interview with Pence. And then I have these two teenage girls who were circling the drain because they didn't know what the hell was going on in the world."

Ali says that it took her a month to get over her actual symptoms, and then she had what she calls "a tiny relapse" when she came downstairs after self-isolation. "The house was a disaster, because you know George is a hero to me and he's a multi-tasker, but it turns out he doesn't do dishes. After a month of nobody doing dishes or laundry, it was a hoarder's episode. So, I had a little relapse because I got a little crazy trying to clean up," she says.

Ali says George had no symptoms, which the comedian says is the story of their marriage. "I mean, of course I get really sick. He has no symptoms. He's never failed at anything. I'm just a long list of failures. But anyway, we'll deal with that in divorce court," she jokes. 

If there can be a silver lining to her Covid experience, it's that it led to what Ali calls an "ah-ha moment," a.k.a. the idea for her podcast, "Go Ask Ali." "I was lying in bed watching seven seasons of 'Mad Men' ... and I thought, 'Wow, we're in a global pandemic. We're probably going to be in this for a while. How do you raise teenagers in a pandemic?'" Ali explains.

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