Ali Wentworth Shares Her Best Marriage Advice for New Empty Nesters: "You have to court each other!"

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Playing Ali Wentworth's Advice for New Empty Nesters | Go Ask Ali

Ali Wentworth enlists the help of experts, friends and fellow celebrities to dish out life advice on her podcast, "Go Ask Ali." But when married couple Angela and Nate—who recently became empty nesters after their youngest left for college—asked for Ali's advice on how to deal, she knew exactly what to say. 

While Ali and her husband, Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos, still have one daughter living at home, this past fall they dropped off their oldest daughter, Elliott at school. And Ali admits it's been tough to get used to

"You're one step ahead of me, because I still have a teenage daughter at home," Ali says, "but she's super social so she's never around, so I feel like an empty nester." 

Luckily, Ali and George have been going strong for 20 (!!) years now—so Ali has some great tips to help these newly empty nesters reconnect now that they have all this time to prioritize each other.

"You almost have to act like you guys are newlyweds, meaning you have to court each other a little bit, seduce each other a little bit. You've got the whole house to yourself. You don't have to hide in the laundry room anymore," Ali says. (LOL, but true!)

"First of all, maybe redo the house a little bit," she recommends. "I don't mean spend money, but move things around, get it cozy, get it sexy."

And then? "Go out to dinner," Ali says. "You don't have to unfreeze the lasagna anymore for all the kids. You can make it sexier! I would go out on dates." 

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