Andrew Zimmern Takes Us on a Tour of 4 of His Favorite Food Trucks

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Playing Andrew Zimmern Takes Us on a Tour of 4 of His Favorite Food Trucks

If you're a foodie, then you probably also love yourself a good food truck!

And if there's one man who knows his food trucks, it's Andrew Zimmern. In fact the chef, food critic and "Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern" host loves his food trucks so much, he's got a new show dedicated to them — "Big Food Truck Tip" on Food Network.

Which is why, when he offered to share with us four of his all-time favorite food trucks — all of which happened to be located in the NYC area — we couldn't resist.

Keeping reading for the scoop on all four foodie heavens on wheels — and see all the deliciousness with your own eyes in the video above!

FOOD TRUCK: Waffle Box Truck 
MUST-ORDER DISH: Toasted S'Mores Waffles

When it comes to food trucks that specialize in waffles, Andrew says there's only one place to go — Waffle Box from Westchester, NY.

"The soft marshmallows, melted chocolate, the crispy graham crackers," he says, while making his way through the gooey masterpiece, "it's a textural and flavorful symphony!"

FOOD TRUCK: Mezoco Mexican Taqueria 
MUST-ORDER DISH: Cilantro Lime Marinated Chicken Tacos

As for Mezoco Mexican Taqueria of Montclair, NJ, Andrew put it simply: "It's just top notch."

While he scarfed down two of the Cilantro Lime Marinated Chicken Tacos, the TV personality says, "Regardless of what taco you eat, you're going to be in handheld, tortilla-hugged splendor."

Sign. Us. UP.


FOOD TRUCK: Hard Times Sundaes 
MUST-ORDER DISH: Classic American Roadside Smash Burger

The NYC-based Hard Times Sundaes are geniuses at serving up their burgers classic — smashed while grilled, so the meat comes in complete contact with the grill, and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and a slice of yellow American cheese.

And really, can you ever go wrong with a classic?

"They make a killer burger — classic, old-school, on a griddle," Andrew says. "My favorite food truck burger in New York."

High praise!


FOOD TRUCK: Coolhaus 
MUST-ORDER DISH: Fruity Cereal Marshmallow with Buttered French Toast Ice Cream Sandwich

And last, but not least, we have one of NYC, L.A., and Dallas’ most beloved ice cream trucks — Coolhaus, the female-owned company that’s known for getting especially creative with their frozen treats.

We're talking a Fruity Cereal Marshmallow with Buttered French Toast Ice Cream Sandwich.

You're drooling, right?

"The ice cream is so delicious," says Andrew. "It's the essence of French toast with that great maple syrup, crusty butter flavor."

He couldn't even articulate after that, he just kept making the heart sign with his hands!

(We <3 you, too, Andrew!)

Also, be sure to check out Andrew’s new children’s book, AZ And The Lost City Of Ophir, coming in Winter 2019!

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