Apparently Multiple Women Have Made The Same Strange Confession To Alan Alda In Airports

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Playing Women Tell Alan Alda The *Weirdest* Thing In Airports

When living legend Alan Alda walked on set, Rach joked, "We've had presidents that got less of an ovation than that!"

(The crowd was understandably super excited to see the 83-year-old actor — and can you blame them?!)

Rach chatted with him about his awesome new podcast, "Clear + Vivid," of course, and about the Alda Medical Experience Immersion event.

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But later, while playing our game "Land the Part" — in which we shuffled through Alan's lifetime of roles and he pressed a buzzer to talk about each one — we heard about a very interesting experience he's repeatedly had in response to his 1978 movie "Same Time Next Year."

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The movie, Alan explains, is about two people who are married to other people but meet every year for 20 years for a weekend together.

"I'm in airports a lot," he says, "and women come up to me. They don't just say 'I love that movie,' they say, 'It's my life story.' Why would you say that to a stranger?!"


"That's a *weird* level of communication!" Rach quips.

Well, judging by his time at our kitchen table, we understand why people find him so approachable! (He's the sweetest, isn't he?)

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