As Meat Prices Rise in 2022, You Might Want to Consider Flank Steak—Here's Why

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Playing 3 Cheaper Cuts of Steak to Grill as Meat Prices Rise

As meat prices continue to climb in 2022, during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, veteran butcher and author of The Everyday Meat Guide, Ray Venezia, is highlighting three cuts of steak that could actually save you money right now—especially with grilling season being around the corner. 

"Grilling season is upon us and we're faced with some really high meat prices right now," Ray says. "I'm here to show you some cuts that will save you a lot of money and still allow you to get your grill on." 

1. Flank Steak 

"Because of the popularity of the skirt [steak]," Ray says, "the flank steak has become somewhat forgotten. What that means is you get it for a lot less money. Basically, it's about half the price of what a skirt steak is."  

Why Ray likes flank steak: "It is light, lean [and] versatile."  

The best way to grill flank steak: "It's best when marinated," Ray says—and he likes to marinate his in a teriyaki sauce for 24 hours in the fridge before throwing it on the grill. (Watch him make the marinade in the video above.) Once it's on the grill—place it towards the back of the grill, Ray says—only flip the flank steak once. Grill it for 10 minutes on one side and eight minutes on the other, he says. And don't forget to thinly slice it against the grain

The best way to serve flank steak: Ray likes to serve flank steak in fajitas, in a stir-fry, stuffed, or as pinwheel steaks

2. Sirloin Steak 

"You don't want to confuse [the sirloin steak] with the sirloin tip," Ray says. "It's cut from the loin, which is where all the best steaks come from—porterhouse, T-bone, filet mignon and sirloin steak. When you look on the label for the true sirloin steak, you want it to say 'beef loin,' [not] 'beef round.' 'Beef round' is not the one you want for the grill." 

Why Ray likes sirloin steak: One sirloin steak can feed four to six people! Plus, It doesn't need any help from a marinade. "Its flavor and tenderness speak for itself," Ray says. "It cooks quick and easy." 

The best way to grill sirloin steak: Remember, no marinade needed! Grill sirloin steak for six minutes on one side and five minutes on the other. Only flip it once, Ray says, to retain all the flavor. Slice it against the grain and at a bit of an angle. Watch Ray demonstrate in the video above.

3. Flat Iron Steak 

"The flat iron is the boneless top blade, which is from the chuck or the front of the animal," Ray explains. "It's a lot less expensive than any steak cut you'd get from the loin, because it's not actually a true steak cut. But the top blade is actually considered the second most tender muscle in the entire animal, so it can be a great option on the grill if you know what to do with it. Once you take the connective tissue out, then it becomes the flat iron." 

Why Ray likes flat iron steak: "It's a very heavily marbled piece of meat, so it's got a lot of flavor." 

The best way to grill flat iron steak: Ray likes to grill his flat iron steak whole—and marinates it in the fridge for at least 24 hours before (Ray says it can marinate for as long as 48 hours). He grills it towards the back of the grill for six minutes on one side and five minutes on the other. And again, don't forget to cut against the grain! 

The best way to serve flat iron steak: Ray likes to serve flat iron steak over peppers and onions, with black olives and a little bit of pineapple. 

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