Ayesha Curry & Camila Alves McConaughey On How Their Husbands Are Helping Out More At Home Right Now

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Ayesha Curry and Camila Alves McConaughey joined Rach via video chat to help celebrate the latest issue of her magazine, Rachael Ray In Season. Along with Rach and actress Kristen Bell, Ayesha and Camila are the cover stars of the mag's new "Like a Boss" issue. And the boss women say their husbands are extremely supportive when it comes to both career and family — especially now that everyone is home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ayesha's new lifestyle magazine, Sweet July, is named for the month that she and her husband, basketball star Stephen Curry, were married. All three of their children were also born during the month of July, which the celeb chef says was not planned.

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"He takes what I think are the worst parts of me and makes them look good in his mind and projects them on me," Ayesha says about Stephen. "He makes me feel so confident at times and just is always empowering me. And I think it's really special when men lean into their wives and girlfriends like that. I feel so blessed every single day for his support and love."

"Isn't it amazing how they do that?" Camila agrees. The founder of Women of Today, an online community, says she wouldn't be who she is today if it weren't for her husband, actor Matthew McConaughey.

"I just wouldn't be the person I am if [I hadn't] met and married [Matthew] and had kids and built the life that we've been building together," Camila says. "Every day I'm just very, very grateful."

And speaking of being grateful, since they've been at home more over the past few months, Ayesha says she's discovered a new talent of Stephen's: folding laundry! "Could Steph have worked at the Gap?" Rach asks Ayesha. "Yeah, he could have," Ayesha confirms. ?

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