Barber Nicknamed "Wizard of the Man Weave" Gives a Fan His Hair Back After 20 Years

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Playing See Wade The Barber Give One Man His Hair (+ Confidence!) Back After 20 Years

Wade Menendez is a barber from Baltimore who works hair magic for his clients whose natural hair has stopped growing. Whether a man has lost his hair due to alopecia, cancer or illness (or if he just wants longer hair), Wade says, he can create custom-made wigs or hairpieces to help boost his confidence.

"It changes their life, their self-esteem goes up," Wade says. "I feel like it's important to feel good spiritually, mentally and physically."

So when Rachael invited Wade to come on the show, she wanted to help him do what he does best on someone who would really appreciate it. Enter Jerod, a huge fan of Wade's who started losing his hair around the age of 19 — over 20 years ago.

"Wade the barber — I follow him on Instagram, I've become quietly obsessed with him — he changes people's lives by offering them something that they lost," Jerod says. "He gives them back their hair."

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So, Rach worked her own brand of magic and brought these two men together on the show!

Jerod, who hasn't seen himself with hair in 20 years, goes backstage to get a hair makeover from Wade — and, of course, the end result is amazing.

Watch Jerod's reaction to seeing his new hair for the very first time in the video above!

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