Best Kitchen Gadgets: Rachael Picks 4 That She's Most Proud Of Designing

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Playing 4 Kitchen Gadgets Rachael Is Most Proud Of Designing | #StayHome Q & Ray

Rachael has always admitted she's not a big kitchen gadget lover, BUT she has designed a few handy ones herself — and she has some favorites. 

"I'm very lucky," Rach says. "I get to draw the things that I want in my kitchen and for some weird reason, a corporation called Meyer agreed to make them for me."  Thank goodness for that! ?

1. Multi-Grater

Rachael Ray

"I designed a two-sided microplane that has feet on it that go to 500 degrees," Rach says, "so I like that."

2. 5-Quart and 8-Quart Oval Pasta Pot

oval pasta pot
Rachael Ray

"I like the first two pots that I drew for the kitchen — a 5-quart and an 8-quart oval [pot] so that people who have tiny stoves with only three burners that work (that was me) could still put two large pots on the stove at the same time," Rach explains.

3. Moppine

Rachael Ray

"Two pot holders in opposing corners of a kitchen towel," Rach explains about the design. Genius!

4. Bench Scrape

bench scrape
Rachael Ray

"I call it the food mover," Rach says. "I'm never without it." 

BONUS: As for a handy tool she loves but doesn't make herself anymore? A spider!

"I did make them for a short time," Rach says, "but nobody bought them, so because nobody bought mine, I have these."

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