The Best TV Shows + Movies To Binge-Watch While Social Distancing

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As if we weren't already binge-watching pretty much all the streamable content before the coronavirus outbreak, now that we're staying home, many of us are looking for a new TV series (or two) to get into or a great movie to add to the watchlist (or rewatch list!).

Rach called on her friend, "People Now" host Jeremy Parsons, to share his list of what to binge-watch this weekend.

Here's what he says to check out:

Best New Series To Binge-Watch: "Tiger King"

Where To Watch "Tiger King": Season one is streaming on Netflix

What Is "Tiger King" About?
"It is about the underbelly of the big cat business, surrounding a man named Joe Exotic, who has an operation going … and then an animal rights activist named Carole Baskin enters the picture to try to shut him down," Jeremy says.

"You're not going to believe the twists and turns in this series and if you're the last person on Earth to watch it, you still have time to catch up."

Best Series To Binge-Watch With Several Seasons: "Alone"

Where To Watch "Alone": Seasons one through six are available to stream through the History channel and on Hulu

What Is "Alone" About?
"It's a survivalist series where contestants are dropped into the wilderness at different places and they document their survival with only a few choice items they're allowed to bring with them. Whoever lasts the longest wins a big cash prize," Jeremy says.

"And the stories of humanity and overcoming obstacles that come out of this are fantastic."

Best Series To Binge-Watch For Adults: "Ozark"

Where To Watch "Ozark": Seasons one through three are streaming on Netflix

What Is "Ozark" About?
"It stars Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner is a breakout star from this series. It's about a family that's kind of a normal, upper-middle class suburban family — seemingly normal until they get roped into all kinds of bad stuff with a very dangerous cartel," Jeremy says.

"Caution: not for the kids! This one's adults only."

For the record, John and Rachael binge-watch "Ozark" — season three recently dropped and they've already finished. 

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Best Classic Streaming Movie To Watch as a Family: "Hook"

"I just recently rewatched 'Hook' from 1991," Jeremy says. "Robin Williams at his best. An incredible role that became iconic in his career. Just such a great feel-good fantasy movie for the family. The kids will love it and the adults will love it for the nostalgia."

Where To Watch "Hook": Streaming on Netflix

Best New Streaming Movie To Watch as a Family: "Stargirl"

"This is a new one on Disney+. It stars Grace VanderWaal [in a] coming of age story with sprinkles of that Disney magic and mystery surrounding it. My little girls loved it, I liked it too. It's a good one for the whole family," Jeremy says.

Where To Watch "Stargirl": Streaming on Disney+

Best New Competition Series To Binge-Watch: "Making The Cut"

Where To Watch "Making The Cut": Season one is streaming on Amazon Prime Video

What Is "Making The Cut" About?
"Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, who we know and love from 'Project Runway,' take on this brand- new fashion competition… 12 contestants from around the world are competing to be the next big name in fashion. The deal is they get a big cash prize — one million dollars —  if they win, plus their fashion designs are then available for all of us to shop for on Amazon. There are also some celebrity judges [including] Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie," Jeremy says.

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