Can You Pass This Grammar Quiz? Our Audience Couldn't

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Playing 3-Question Quiz From Grammar Expert

On a mission to answer everyone’s burning questions about grammar, author of "Rebel with a Clause" and word expert Ellen Jovin gives our audience a quiz—and they failed to get a perfect score. Can you?  


Question 1 Grammar
Rachael Ray Show

75% of the audience said "its," which is correct. 


Question #2
Rachael Ray Show

57% said optional, which is correct.  


Question #3
Rachael Ray Show

The majority of the audience answered: Jones’

But that is actually incorrect.

The correct answer is: Joneses’

"A lot of people don't like looking at that, but it's just like [making] a possessive of 'boss.' You add 'es' and then you put the apostrophe at the end," says Ellen.

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