Can You Wear White After Labor Day? Clinton Kelly Sets The Record Straight

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Playing Wearing White After Labor Day Is OKAY | Style Expert Clinton Kelly

When it comes to wearing white after Labor Day, former "What Not To Wear" host Clinton Kelly is taking the "not" out of "what not to wear." (Get it? ?)

"You're not getting dressed in the morning to impress other people," he tells us. "You're not getting dressed in the morning to prove to a bunch of strangers that you're going to adhere to a rule that's 100 years old — [and] nobody knows who actually wrote the rule."

"Your goal when you get dressed in the morning is to feel great about yourself," he continues.

PREACH, Clinton.

As far as Clinton is concerned, if you love your white jeans, blouse or shoes, you should wear them during any month of the year. 

"Celebrities wear white after Labor Day all the time," Clinton points out.

Take Anna Kendrick for example, rocking white jeans in November ...

Anna's white jeans fit right in with her fall look because she paired them with a camel coat and booties. What's not to love about that? 

And Mindy Kaling looks stunning in this long-sleeve white dress — also in the month of November:

"White can be used as an impact color," Clinton explains. "[Just] use your common sense. Don't wear your white boots or your white dress or your white pants on a rainy, slushy day when you know they're going to get filthy, but if it's a beautiful day in the middle of January, why not?"

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