CBD Products For Pain Relief, Anxiety or Stress? A Doctor Weighs In

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Playing CBD For Pain, Anxiety or Stress? | Dr. Ian Smith

You've likely heard about CBD, or Cannabidiol — and maybe you've also seen products being sold in stores or online that claim to contain CBD. Many CBD products are aimed at helping relieve pain. But do they actually work? We asked physician Dr. Ian Smith to weigh in.

CBD Products For Pain Relief—What The Research Says

CBD is a naturally-occurring chemical in the cannabis and hemp plants. It can be extracted to make oils, tinctures, lotions and other body care products. Many of these products claim the properties found in CBD help with pain, anxiety and stress.

According to Dr. Ian, there is strong anecdotal evidence to support the fact that CBD can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation for some people, but the scientific research is still ongoing.

"The great thing about CBD—and this is anecdotal—but the reports have been [of] experiences [where] it can help relieve pain, it may reduce inflammation," he says.

CBD Products for Anxiety or Stress?

"It can reduce anxiety and stress. People take it for that," Dr. Ian says.

But just like CBD for pain relief, "the research is still ongoing," he explains. "They need to catch up to it, because a lot of people are reporting this. No scientific studies have confirmed it, which doesn't mean it doesn't [work], it just means we haven't confirmed it scientifically."


If you are interested in CBD products for pain relief, consult your doctor first to learn more and find out what products might be right for you.

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