Couple Shares Their 50 Before 50 Bucket List

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There’s something so darn cool about crossing items off a bucket list, and that’s exactly what Baltimore couple Riquita and Mike have been up to recently.

How’d they get started? Well, Riquita says, when her mother passed away in 2013, she and Mike wanted to do something that her mom had always wanted to do. So, they visited one place she’d always wanted to see: Niagara Falls.

After that, they were hooked and decided to create a list of 50 things they wanted to do before Riquita turns 50 years old -- and they've already accomplished a handful!

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Take a peek at their full list (they’re still deciding on the last few!):

Riquita's list
Rachael Ray Show

1. R. R. Velar

2. Helicopter tour

3. Visit Dubai

4. Expand [palate]

5. White water rafting

6. Ziplining

7. Hot air balloon

8. Go to a Broadway play

9. Try yoga

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10. St. Patrick’s Day - Seattle

11. Get all finances in order

12. Space Needle -- Seattle

13. Coffee @ 1st Starbucks

14. See Mt. Rainier

15. Go in sauna

16. Carriage ride

17. Bar crawl

18. Eat a new food

19. Dance on a bar :)

20. Declutter closets

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21. Face a test I fear

22. Join Mile High Club :)

23. Ride camel

24.Passport stamps

25. Indoor skydive

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26. Police ride-along

27. Boat ride

28. Hold monkey

29. Do something newsworthy

30. Fish spa

31. Learn how to hand dance

32. Learn Spanish

33. Royal wedding watch party

34. Learn how to say “NO”

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35. Do a color run

36. Ride ATV in sand dunes

37. Family gathering

38. Family portrait

39. Make something (jewelry)

40. Make something (clothing)

41. Self care

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42. Monthly massage

43. 9/11 Memorial

44. Mexico

So, what have they loved so far? Mike really enjoyed their hot air balloon ride and holding monkeys during a beach vacation, while Riquita’s favorite was a helicopter ride over their hometown. So fun!

And what are they looking forward to that's still on the list? Trips to Dubai and Mexico and a seriously popular fitness activity: yoga!

To help Riquita and Mike cross *this* item off, we enlisted the help of one of our favorite yogis: mom-of-four Hilaria Baldwin. She gave them a private class at Studio 26 here in New York City, before they joined us the studio. (Spoiler alert: Riquita was a natural!)

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And that's not all we helped them check off! They've always wanted to zipline, so with the help of Dream Vacations and Royal Caribbean, we hooked the lovely couple up with the opportunity to travel by luxurious cruise ship to a private island in the Bahamas and try a 1600-foot long zipline!

Two more down, a few more to go!

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