Dad Who Calls Sweatpants "Dressy" Gets A Comfortable Makeover From Son

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Playing Fashion Expert Tommy DiDario Gives His Own Dad a Comfortable Style Makeover

When it comes to our "man-overs" (what we call man makeovers), there's no one we trust more than our friend, lifestyle and fashion expert Tommy DiDario.

He's a pro at helping men of all ages — and from all walks of life — look and feel their very best.

Tommy has given a wardrobe makeover to a retired firefighter who lost 111 pounds, transformed the appearance of an actor who was often typecast due to his long hair and beard (the fashion expert gave him his first haircut in FIVE years!) and many more.

This time around, though, Tommy had a particular makeover subject in mind — someone *very* close to him.

Enter Tommy's dad, Tom DiDario, who classifies his style simply as "comfort."

"I like to wear what feels good," Tom says.

"If it's soft, he'll wear it," Tommy says of his dad. "It doesn't matter what color, it doesn't matter what size, it doesn't matter who makes it, it doesn't matter how old it is."

That's why the lifestyle expert's goal was to give his dad what he calls "a comfortable makeover."

Tom also spends a lot of his time in the spring and summer on the water at the Jersey Shore, so Tommy wanted to give his dad a nautical-inspired outfit that he could live in all season long.

"I hope he turns out feeling like his best self. That matters most to me," the fashion pro says. "When I give makeovers, it's all about how you feel inside."

"I want him to feel confident, I want him to know he looks great and I want him to take the tools that I teach him today and apply them for the rest of his life," Tommy continues.


Watch the video above to see the "new" Tom!

(And, yes, Rach actually called him "hot" when she saw the reveal. ?)

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