Dale Earnhardt Jr. On NASCAR Retirement: At 43, with wife and baby, danger was just too big

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Playing Dale Earnhardt Jr. On NASCAR Retirement: At 43, with wife and baby, danger was just too big

Since retiring in 2017, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is getting used to a life away from professional racing.

But, that doesn't mean his day-to-day is quiet by any means! He's now flexing a different muscle as a TV analyst for races, not to mention spending lots of time with his adorable daughter Isla, and sharing his story with the world in a new book: Racing to the Finish: My Story.

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So, how does he feel about retiring? "I accomplished way more than I ever imagined," Dale says, "when I was young and trying to get into racing, I just wanted to be able to make a living doing it and whatever success I had was going to be a bonus."

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Throughout his career, he endured quite a few injuries, and it was no longer a lifestyle he felt he could continue to pursue, "at 43 years old with a wife and starting a family," he says, "the danger for me was too much of a risk."

Watch him light up when he talks about daughter Isla in the clip above!

"Isla is awesome…I could talk about her all day. The greatest thing about it is, in the morning, when you go in there, she is so happy to see you. I thought babies woke up crying every morning, but she wakes up talking to herself, and you walk in there and she just starts smiling, so thrilled that you're there. She's going to trick us into trying for another one, I'm sure."

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