DIY Serving Trays: How To Make Fancy Serving Trays For Under $25 With Marble Tiles

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Playing DIY Marble Pedestal Stand + Trivet Tutorial | Genevieve Gorder & Christian Dunbar

Everyone knows that hosting a party isn't only about how good the food tastes and how good the company is anymore. The presentation has to be impeccable if you want your soirée to be an Instagram hit. 😉

So whether you're putting out cheese spreads or crudite for guests to nibble on or displaying a fancy cake for a special occasion, it's all in the presentation — even down to your serving tray.

Now, high-end serving trays can cost anywhere from $50 to $100 — but not if you make your own with $15 marble tiles from the hardware store. 

And design dynamic duo (who also happen to be husband and wife), Genevieve Gorder and Christian Dunbar, are showing you how to make two kinds — a DIY marble pedestal stand and a DIY marble trivet.

"You can just make many of them to do your whole buffet," Genevieve says. "Scale them up and down like you would a bookcase."

Plus, you can find everything you need at the hardware store or a craft store. 


marble pedestal stand
Rachael Ray Show

What you need: 

  • Marble tile(s)
  • 2 candle pedestals from the craft store (or one, depending on how big your marble tile is and what you're serving on it)

How to do it:
Just set your marble tile on the candle pedestal — and that's literally it!


marble tile tray
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What you need:

  • 12x24-inch marble tile
  • 2 brass pulls
  • 2-part epoxy 
  • Self-adhesive rubber feet

How to do it:
Using 2-part epoxy, adhere brass pulls on either side of the 12x24-inch marble tile. Add self-adhesive rubber feet to the bottom of the tile for stability. 

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