DIY Terrarium With Faux Succulents For Blank Walls: Everything You Need + How To Do It

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Playing How To Make a Terrarium With Faux Succulents | DIY Wall Project | Lauren Makk

Listen, we get it! Filling blank walls in your home can be exciting, but also overwhelming—especially if you're a renter and changes have to be temporary.

We asked interior designer and home décor expert Lauren Makk for inspiration—and while she loves wall art as much as we do, she has another (brilliant!) idea to fill blank wall space. 

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DIY terrariums—with faux succulents!

"We could always say art, but why not take it a step further and do something fun like bringing the outside in? We're all spending so much time inside, so let's bring some outside in with a cool DIY terrarium," Lauren says.

You can even tailor the terrariums seasonally, Lauren says—like for the holidays.

Lauren Makk terrarium DIY
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Here's what you'll need:

  • Terrarium wall planters

"They have a flat black, so you can hang them on the wall [with] one little easy nail [at the top]," Lauren says. She used these in yellow.

3-Pack Set Wall Planters

3-Pack Set Wall Planters

  • Sand

"You can do layers of sand in different colors if you wanted to," the interior designer says, "but it's really easy. It's fun, too, to get the kids involved in this."

Lauren's pro tip: Keep a bowl at your workspace to help stabilize the terrarium while you're filling it.

Stoney River White Aquatic Sand (5-lb. bag)

Stoney River White Aquatic Sand (5-lb. bag)

  • Decorative rocks/pebbles

Editors pick: We love the muted, yet colorful, variety of these.

Vigoro 0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Calico Stone Decorative Stone

Vigoro 0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Calico Stone Decorative Stone

The Home Depot
  • Faux succulents (or real, if you'd like—but then you'd have to maintain them a bit more!)

"You can do some with some height or even with some color," Lauren says. She used these faux succulents.

Supla Artificial Fake Succulent Plants (Pack of 14)

Supla Artificial Fake Succulent Plants (Pack of 14)


Watch Lauren put her DIY terrarium together in the video above.

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