Do I Have To Buy Organic Meat? A Dietitian Weighs In

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Playing Celeb Nutritionist Keri Glassman On Why Organic Meat Should Be In Your Grocery Budget

Is organic meat *actually* better than the alternative? Do you HAVE to buy it? Here's what celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman has to say.

"Put some of that grocery bill towards organic meat," Keri suggests. Since organic items are more expensive, most of us have to pick and choose — but Keri believes organic meat should make the cut.

"Think about it - with produce, [you] can wash away some of those pesticides but when it comes to meat, you're not going to be able to wash away the hormones and antibiotics," she says.

With that said, if you want to give your wallet a break, Keri recommends swapping out some meat-heavy meals with a bean dish or black bean soup.

Need a recipe? We've got you covered:

Black Bean and Kale Tortilla Soup

Budget Friendly Chickpea Fried Rice

Chickpea and Tomato Penne Pasta

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