Dollar Store Home Décor Hacks From BuzzFeed's Space Lift Host (Our Former Intern!)

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2 Cheap Home Décor Hacks | BuzzFeed’s Space Lift Host Aired August 26, 2019

We all "Pin," save and "like" home décor inspiration on social media all. day. long. But sometimes — if we're all being honest — the inspiration just ends up sitting there. 

Well, a former intern of ours and the current host and producer of BuzzFeed's "Space Lift," Ashley McGetrick, actually puts all of that content to use — for room makeovers on her show! 

Lucky for us, she shared two of the most clever décor hacks she's used in her makeovers. And they're impressive and practical.


Instead of buying vintage poster frames — which can be a bit pricey — Ashley uses nice pants hangers to dress up a room with posters. (She likes to print people's Instagram photos or inspirational quotes to use as decoration.)

Look how cute! 

Ashley McGetrick


If you've always wanted an indoor garden — but don't have enough space for one — a clothing rack might be the answer, Ashley says. 

"You can get one of these at a dollar store," she tells us. Hang some plants on it, and voila — you have a movable garden.

(Check Ashley's out in the video above!)

Plus, you can use it as a room divider if you need one — particularly if you live in a small space — like Ashley did in a studio apartment she made over. 

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