EFT Tapping For Anxiety? How This Easy Technique Can Help Regulate Your Nervous System

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Playing EFT Tapping Technique for Anxiety Relief With Meditation Expert Gabrielle Bernstein

It's no surprise that many of us are traumatized by the Covid-19 pandemic and continue to feel anxious as the world navigates next steps. 

"Everyone experiences trauma, no matter what," bestselling author and motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein says, "whether they think it or believe it or not."

And the pandemic is no exception. "We've experienced it collectively as a global trauma," she adds.

Gabrielle, who Oprah calls our "next-generation thought leader," is always aiming to help us calm our minds, destress and ease anxiety with meditation. Now, she's bringing us an anxiety relief tool that she references in her latest (and 9th) book, Happy Days, called EFT (or tapping).

"There's one tool in the book that I reference; it's called EFT—emotional freedom technique," she explains. "EFT is otherwise known as tapping. You tap on different energy meridians while you talk about how you're feeling."

"It's important to settle into [your] ability to self soothe, because so many of us are walking around so anxious, so retraumatized, so triggered," Gabrielle continues, "and [this practice] is beautifully designed to, in the moment, regulate your nervous system and feel more peace."

1. Identify how you're feeling. 

In her demonstration, she uses anxiety as the overwhelming feeling at hand. "When we're feeling anxious," Gabrielle explains, "what we need most is to feel safe in our body." 

2. Find the gamut point on your hand and start tapping. 

To begin, Gabrielle says to tap the space between your pinky finger and ring finger on the back of your hand. (This is called your gamut point.) 

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"This is sending a message to your nervous system and brain that it's safe to relax," Gabrielle explains. 

3. Repeat an affirmation as you tap. 

As you're tapping, she says, repeat this affirmation: "I am safe."

"It's so soothing to affirm that and tap at the same time."  

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