Eyebrow Makeover: Woman Tries Microblading After Losing Brows To Radiation Treatment

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It's no secret that eyebrows help to shape the face, so we do whatever we can to perfect them — whether that be waxing, threading, endless brow makeup … the list goes on. 

Kathi — a public safety officer at a college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania — knows the feeling all too well after waking up one day to find that her eyebrows had vanished. 

"I have no eyebrows," Kathi tells us. "I had a procedure done that required radiation. One day I woke up, and poof, they were gone. Ever since then, I've had to draw eyebrows on with a makeup pencil."

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"I've gone through tons and tons of pencils and markers and powders just to try and fill them," she goes on. "My eyebrows complete my face. It has damaged my self-confidence."

Of course we wanted to help, so we sent Kathi to visit Piret — the Eyebrow Doctor, in New York City — for a microblading treatment.  

"Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique [used] to create a fuller-looking brow" Piret explains. "The goal is to give her beautiful brows that will last a really long time." 

First, Piret filled in Kathi's brows to make sure she was happy with the shape. Then, she dipped a needle into pigment and started the tattoo process. "I draw in the little lines, and I keep applying numbing cream," Piret explains. (Phew!) "And then I do a second pass."

Watch the whole process and see Kathi's FULL makeover reveal in the video above. (YEP, she got a head-to-toe makeover, from Beyoncé's hairstylist Kim Kimble no less!) 

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