Farmer Mom Of 3 Sons Who Doesn't Own Heels Gets Glitzy Makeover

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Playing Watch Glitzy Makeover Reveal For Farmer Mom Of 3 Boys

We couldn't have an entire show dedicated to self-care without pampering a deserving viewer with an over-the-top makeover. So when we heard that 28-year-old mom-of-three Ashley from Red Creek, New York (who also happens to be a hard-working farmer!), was ready for some me time, we knew she was our gal. 

"Being a busy mom, it's fun, I like it," Ashley tells us, "but it would be nice to get some time to just relax by myself — to get to listen to the birds chirp, maybe." 

As a farmer, Ashley gets up early to take care of her crops, and her clothes are always getting dirty. Her wardrobe consists of jeans, T-shirts, work boots, two pairs of sneakers and one pair of sandals — and she admits that buying herself new clothes is usually an afterthought when she's already out shopping for her sons. 

"I think I'm just not comfortable with myself after having kids," the mom of three explains. "I'm trying to feel good with who I am right now. I definitely feel like a little self care will go a long way."

Plus, she hasn't cut her hair in three years, and her sons have taken to yanking at it when she's taking a nap. (Kids will be kids, are we right?)  

Needless to say, Ashley more than deserves a pampering session — so we called in celebrity makeup artist and fellow busy mom-of-three Mally Roncal to spoil her. (And that, she did!)

Watch the *glitzy* reveal in the video above. (Ashley had one word to say when she saw herself — wow!)

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