Fix For Thinning Hair: The Trick Beyoncé's Hairstylist Calls "Magic"

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Playing Keratin Hair Fibers Demo: See It Work In Seconds To Volumize Thinning Hair

Whether it happens as a result of aging, after you have children or for a number of other reasons, thinning hair and hair loss can make you feel self-conscious at any age — and no one wants that! Luckily, there's a quick and easy fix, according to celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble.

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Kim has worked with major stars like Beyoncé and Halle Berry, and she's bringing her talents to our show to help out some of our viewers. 

"I've always had thin hair, and then I just recently — 18 months ago — had my third child," says one viewer named Stacie. "I saw photos of [my hair] and was horrified."

Kim started by cutting Stacie's hair so that it was nice and healthy. "One-length cuts really make your hair look thicker," she says. Then, the stylist demonstrated how keratin fibers (such as Toppik) can make hair look thicker and add texture. 

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"You can do this at home," she says. "I go right to the spots that are thinner … and I just kind of tap it. It's like magic!"

Gently tap the bottle to sprinkle the product onto your hair. The tiny fibers stick to hair and create volume, according to Kim.

See how quickly the product works on Stacie in the video above. 

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