Former "Queer Eye" Stars Carson Kressley + Thom Filicia Reveal 3 Hot Design Trends For 2019

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Playing 2019’s Top Design Trends, According to Former "Queer Eye" Stars Carson Kressley + Thom Filicia

We fell in love with them on the original “Queer Eye,” and now the pair is back (and better than ever!) hosting Bravo’s new design show, “Get a Room.”

Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia are experts in style and design, and they’re sharing their predictions for the biggest design trends of 2019 — along with step-by-step instructions for how to implement them in your own home! There are easy and more advanced examples of DIYs for each trend (but don’t worry; the advanced versions are still totally doable)!


Rachael Ray Show

The first design trend for 2019 is actually one that has been around for years. According to Carson and Thom, wall covering is coming back in style.


“Wallpaper has come a long way,” Carson says. “It’s not your granny’s kind of look.” Bring your wallpaper into the 21st century by focusing on texture, a tip Carson and Thom will often give to people on the show who are concerned about their space being boring.

“Wrap it in a texture,” Carson says. For example, you can achieve a burlap look for your walls using self-stick contact paper printed to look like it’s textured — but in reality, it’s totally flat!

The only other tool you’ll need is a scraper to remove any air bubbles. Carson recommends a paint scraper.

And the best part? The paper comes off as easily as it goes on, so you can use it if you’re renting a home or testing out a fun new look inside a space like your closet.


The advanced version of this DIY is very similar. Instead of using paper with a monochrome look, though, you can choose a pattern. This requires some mapping out beforehand, because you’ll need to ensure the patterned panels line up across your walls — and be especially thoughtful around any windows or doors. Start on your biggest wall and build out for the best result.


Color block drapes
Rachael Ray Show

Another up-and-coming trend is to embellish your drapes, either in a color-block style or with a pattern. “Window coverings can make a huge difference in your home,” Carson says.


The color block trend is a simple change-up that can bring a ton of personality to your home. You can buy premade color block drapes, or — if you want to be crafty and use the panels you already have — you can use hem tape in a bright color and iron it on.


“This a great, modern way to bring in another pattern or pop of color,” Thom says. He also suggests starting with a store-bought panel, this time giving it a more high-end custom look using trim.

Pick out a trim that you like, whether it’s patterned, woven, or a solid grosgrain. Then, all you have to do is take double-sided carpet tape (which you can get in a number of different widths), run it along the back of the trim, and stick it on your drapes.

“And then you can swap it out anytime you want!” Rach points out.

Watch them demonstrate in the video above!


Leather drawer pulls
Rachael Ray Show

Next up, leather accents!


An easy way to update a chest or bathroom vanity is to change out the hardware. Pick up some leather at a fabric shop, cut it into strips, fold each strip in half, then take a screw and stick it in to create a simple and stylish DIY pull.

Unscrew your current hardware and insert the pulls to make your old furniture look new again. “About 5 minutes, $5!” Carson says.

See what we mean?

Dresser with leather accents
Rachael Ray Show


Thom’s more advanced take on the accent trend is to mix and match your curtain hardware.

“They sell it à la carte,” Thom says. “You can mix metal rings with wood, you can then do lucite as your finial. Think of it the same way you would mix your jewelry... Have fun with it!”

Many major retailers have this kind of hardware in a variety of materials and designs. You can pick and choose to create a custom and incredibly unique layered look.

See Carson and Thom demonstrate each of these DIYs in the video above.

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