Gas vs Electric Cooking: Which Does Rachael Prefer?

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Playing Rach Tells Story of How Tiny, Broken Stove Led Her To Start Her Brand | #StayHome Q & Ray

A simple question from a viewer led Rach to explain why she first formed her brand — and how she became "stronger, smarter and a better cook."

Q: Gas vs. electric stoves and ovens: thoughts on the cooking differences?
— Viewer

A: "The single greatest purchase in my life was not jewelry or a car — it was being able to invest in a gas line for a stove," Rach says. "I love gas cooking versus electric." 

And as she explains, she cooked on an electric stove for a long time. And not only electric stoves, Rach says, "but broke as a joke electric stoves … like one burner out of four worked."

"I literally designed pots and pans because I had such a tiny stove in our first apartment that I couldn't fit two round pots next to each other. Necessity is the mother of invention," she continues. "So if your stove sucks and it's electric, my voice to you is: guess what it made me? A brand, stronger, smarter and a better cook." 

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"I lived with that stove for years. I drew oval pots and made them come true so I could put two pots next to each other on a stove that was half broken — so they would both fit. Out of everything comes something. If you want the truth, gas is better for sure. In the interim, you will not only survive, you will thrive. And you can do anything with that stove. And you know how I know that? This girl did." 🙌 

We're not crying, you're crying!

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