Gayle King Opens Up About Interview With R. Kelly: "It was a very hairy, crazy situation"

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Playing Gayle King Discusses R. Kelly Interview With Rachael Ray

Gayle King visited our show with O Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman to discuss the magazine's "Dress for Success" initiative, and during their chat with Rach, she also discussed what it was like to sit down with R. Kelly for their interview earlier in March.

"It was a very hairy, crazy situation," Gayle says.

"Gayle's the ultimate mom," Adam adds. "She just really was like, 'Robert, Robert,' like you do to a child."

"When Adam said that, I wasn't even trying to be, 'Robert, Robert,'" Gayle continues. "I was just really trying to think, 'Ok, let's settle down here.' … His name is Robert, and I just thought, 'Robert, Robert.' But when you look at it on tape — it struck me as very odd when I saw it on tape."

She also explained that she was never afraid for her own safety during the interview, and that she didn't want to describe Kelly as "unhinged," but rather, "adamant."

"I wasn't afraid," Gayle tells Rach. "I did not think that he was going to hurt me, or that he wanted to hurt me. I was more worried because he was so — I don't like to use the word unhinged, but he was so adamant — that he might accidentally hit me. And I just thought, 'Just sit there very still.' And I thought, 'If you just sit there,' and letting him know, 'I see you. So whatever this is you're doing, I'm not leaving.'"

Watch more of Rach's conversation with Gayle and Adam in the video above.

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