Giada De Laurentiis On Homemade School Snacks Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Will Actually Eat

Giada De Laurentiis
Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired January 31, 2019

Kids love to snack, but it seems like they're constantly craving junk food. (I mean, aren't we all?)

But when one audience member asked for advice on what healthy snacks to pack her daughter for school, chef and mom Giada De Laurentiis weighed in on what she makes (yep, they're homemade!) for her 10-year-old daughter, Jade.

Q: My daughter is about to be a teenager, and I'm looking for healthy snacks I can send her to school with. What do you suggest?

Lisa, studio audience member

A: "Snacks are the toughest thing, because [older kids] only want bagged snacks," Giada says.

So to get around that, Giada has a few homemade options that Jade actually enjoys. They include popcorn (try Keri Glassman's Kettle Corn!), cut-up veggies with ranch (try Audrey Johns' Ranch Dip!), vegetable sushi (avocado or cucumber will last longer in a lunchbox than fish, she says) and homemade trail mix (try Keri Glassman's Inca Nut Trail Mix!).

"I put lots of chocolate chips in there, so that makes it more fun," Giada says. "[With trail mix], you can use lots of things that they like!"

We like a happy medium!

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