11 Good News Stories That Made Us Smile During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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We don't know about you, but during this coronavirus pandemic, we'll take any good news we can get! Of course, it's important to be mindful of what's going on in the world (and help in any way you can) — but we want to take a minute or two to help make you smile during this challenging time. 

After all, "There are found moments in every day," as Rach says.

We know there are a lot of people coming together to do good, spread positivity and help others right now — and these are just a few stories, images and videos that our staff has seen and loved. (We couldn't be happier that this list could literally go on and on!)

1. We Have 2 New Rachael Ray Show Family Members!

Our Senior Culinary Producer Jeanette had her baby boy, and she tells us that he already has a Rach-approved nickname — Lil' Breadcrumb! And one of our senior producers, Erin, welcomed a baby girl named Olivia!

Congratulations, Jeanette and Erin! ??

2. Bryant Park (NYC) Landscapers Mowed The Lawn Into a Giant Heart

"This picture made me happy."
 – Lee Ann, Legal Coordinator

3. Adorable Animals Are Taking Over Closed Aquariums

Our staff can't get over all of the adorable animals — like kittens, pups and PENGUINS — roaming around and exploring empty aquariums. Can you blame us?!

4. People In Georgetown Are Creating a Safari With Stuffed Animals

"I thought this was cute. People in the Georgetown neighborhood in DC created a 'safari' by putting toys and stuffed animals in their windows that kids could look for when they went out for a daily walk." 
– Paige, Director of Publicity

5. Everyone Is Cooking & Baking!

google trends

You KNOW this makes us happy. 

Cooking and bread-related searches have hit an all-time high, according to Google trends. (Banana bread is the most searched recipe!) In fact, so many people are baking homemade bread that yeast is actually selling out everywhere. (But don't worry, you can make your own yeast!)

Plus, searches for "easy desserts to make during quarantine" have spiked 1,150%. 

As for us, we've been trying viral recipes, like Whipped Coffee, Peanut Butter Bread and Whipped Strawberry Milk — and Rach has been cooking up a storm in her upstate home for our at-home shows!

6. Babies Are Cuddling With Dogs

I mean, need we say more?

7. With Sports On Hold, Announcers Are Using Their Skills To Make People Smile

With the hashtag #CallMeUpColin, Mets PA announcer Colin Cosell is taking requests for customized call-up recordings to help make baseball fans who are missing the game right now — including healthcare workers and kids — smile during this difficult time.

"I heard from someone working in an ER who said it was pretty tough in there," Colin told Newsday, "and that he broke away and listened for a few seconds and it helped calm him down." Our hearts!

Meanwhile, BBC sports commentator Andrew Cotter is using his skills on his dogs, Olive and Mabel. His videos, that are receiving millions of views (the one below has over 18M!), are quite simply bringing people joy.

8. "Donate" Reaches Highest Search Peak Ever on Google Trends

How amazing is that?! (A few weeks ago, Rach announced a donation of her own — and we couldn't be prouder.)

donate google trends

9. Animal Shelters Are Emptying As Adoptions Soar

Yayyy for fur-ever homes!

10. Parents Are Getting Creative With Kids At Home

"A friend of mine here in Staten Island has been doing the morning announcements for his daughter every morning on Instagram. There’s an on-trend greeting, lunch menu, recess update, random holiday announcements and the pledge (sometimes with video volunteers). Just very sweet."
- Brittany, Producer

Plus, have you seen actor Max Greenfield's homeschooling journey with his daughter documented on Instagram? Trust us, you want to check it out. (Who understands em dashes, en dashes and hyphens anyway?! ?)

11. More Time For Podcasts

One of our post producers Matthew is listening to this podcast, "Covid Positive," which is dedicated to stories of recovery and random acts of kindness. In the episode "Carl 1 - Covid 0," for example, one of host Laura Meagher's friends Carl details his experience with Covid — and most importantly, his road to recovery. 

We hope these made you smile. Stay safe, everyone — we love you! ?

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