"The Good Place" Actress D’Arcy Carden: "Ted Danson ls A Giggle Machine"

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Playing “The Good Place” Actress D’Arcy Carden: “Ted Danson ls A Giggle Machine”

When Rach met actress D’Arcy Carden (a first-timer on our set!), she couldn’t help but gush over the other actors D’Arcy gets to work with on her shows "The Good Place" and "Barry."

Ted Danson, Bill Hader and Henry Winkler, to name a few. (JEALOUS!)

D’Arcy describes "The Good Place" —which is about four people in the afterlife working on how to be better people—as a super-funny, super-smart show.

The leading man’s take on it? “Ted says its a show about moral philosophy wrapped in a fart joke,” she says.

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So, Rach wanted to know, how often do they have to just stop filming on set, because everyone’s cracking each other up? The answer? A lot!

Even though they try really hard to keep it together on the set, D’Arcy spills that Ted is often the culprit when the cast can't stop laughing.

“He’s a real giggle machine,” she jokes.

As a fellow pit bull owner, D'Arcy also couldn't resist some face-to-face time with Rach's fur baby Isaboo, and they shared a *very* cute bonding moment—watch in the video below:

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