Graffiti Artist Indie 184's Mural For Our Studio Was Inspired By Rach's Fearlessness

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Playing See The Visual Art Inspired By Rach's Fearlessness That's Currently In Our Studio

Rachael wanted to celebrate female street artists by showcasing their work, both on the show and in our audience holding area, so "Walls By Women" is an ongoing art series that we've been running all season long!

For the third installment, Rach and co-host Curtis Stone chatted with artist Indie 184 about her art and her contribution to our studio.

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A native New Yorker, visual artist Indie 184 grew up all over New York City. She says she was fascinated by the graffiti she saw, comparing it to an underground museum.

"I ended up basically combining graffiti, street art, pop art, photography and just developed my own mixed-media style," the artist continues.

One of Indie's most exciting projects is her current role as chief artistic officer for Rimmel London. She recently painted a 60-foot mural of Barbara Streisand for them in Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn. Last spring, she also released a clothing collection collaboration featuring her designs.

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"My art is all about fearlessness and following your bliss," Indie explains. And when she had the opportunity to create an original piece for Walls By Women, the artist says she wanted to celebrate Rachael's passion.

"She's embodied so many things, she wears many hats and she's unstoppable. She serves as an inspiration to us all," Indie says.

We agree, of course! ❤️

"I love you 184 times over!" Rach told Indie in response. Aw!

If you're able to join us this season (here's how to get free tickets to the show!), you may have the opportunity to see some amazing art created by women during your visit. How great is that?!

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