Halloween Poster DIYs With Glow-in-the-Dark Eyes & Eyes That Appear To Follow You

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Playing Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations From The Creators Of 3 Over-The-Top Haunted Houses

With Halloween being a short week away, you may think you've missed the boat on decorating your house. Not so, ghosts and ghouls! 

You can create these ridiculously creepy posters in minutes — as long as you have glow-in-the-dark paint and ping pong balls.


1. Purchase a poster of a witch or another creepy Halloween character from a party store.

2. Dip a Q-tip into glow-in-the-dark paint and fill in the eyes of your character.

"When the lights go off, the eyes are going to glow," says Joe, the creator of Franklin Square Horror. 

halloween poster
Rachael Ray Show


1. Purchase any poster or portrait that you want. (Tyler, the creator of the Ridgewood Halloween Maze, actually used a portrait of his dad in the video above.)

2. Cut the eyes out from the poster (preserve them if you want to use them later — you'll see why) and cut a ping pong ball in half. (Cut safely, of course!)

3. On the inside of each ping pong ball half (the concave part), either draw, paint or use the preserved eyes you previously cut out. 

4. Tape ping pong ball to the back of the poster (concave side down) where the eyes once were. And voila — the eyeballs will "move" as people walk by!

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