How Rach Is Spending Her Time At Home During Quarantine (Besides Cooking)

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Playing Rach Reveals How She's Passing Time During Quarantine (Besides Cooking!) | #StayHome Q & Ray

Rachael often says that even during her free time, she enjoys cooking for family and friends. But now that she has much more time at home during self-quarantine, one viewer wants to know how else Rach is spending her days. 

Q: "Other than cooking, how are you passing the time?"

A: "Doing this!" Rach says.

"John and I have become a production studio, which is so funny, because I grew up in the Adirondacks which is where we are — and this was always our hideout. We were happy that our cell phones worked terribly here and that we had very poor internet service. And now we've had to upgrade all that so that we can still all be together and think of a new way to communicate with people. So we've had to break down a lot of mental barriers about our fort in the woods."

Rach also reveals that she's "being present" and cherishing this time with her dog, Isaboo, and her mom.

"There are found moments in every day," she continues. "Whenever John plays the banjo for the dog and when we dance around the living room in our socks and listen to some of John's playlists."

Of course, there are still things Rach wants to do that she hasn't been able to make time for — she is a woman of many talents, after all!

"My daydream is to read some of the books that I bought at the Strand bookstore, because I like to read real books, or that my friend Harlan Coben gave me. And because I love to draw 'foodles' (food doodles) with paint pens, my husband gave me a proper instructional set of how to become a proper watercolor artist, so I'd like to do that."

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