3 Ways To Embrace JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out—From Mom & Yogi Hilaria Baldwin

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Playing How To Embrace JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out) | Mom & Yogi Hilaria Baldwin

You've probably heard of FOMO (fear of missing out). Maybe you've forced yourself to go out with friends on a Friday night when you weren't really up for it — simply because you didn't want to hear about all the fun you missed later. Or you've scrolled through Instagram and felt like you're not living as much as your friends are.

Well, what if JOMO were the new FOMO? What if we found joy in missing out — and focused on self-care — instead of fear? 

That's what mom of four, yogi and podcast host Hilaria Baldwin (who also shared her Healthy Chocolate Pancakes recipe) is encouraging with three of her best self-care tips. And we are on board.

SELF-CARE TIP #1: Say no to plans and stay home if that's what you want to do. 

Right now, you might not have much of an option (and we're all in it together!) — but even when social distancing is over, there's something to be said about honoring what you really want to do and staying home to relax and recharge even when your friends are going out. 

Hilaria's suggestion for when you're staying in? Get into those comfy PJs and put on a face mask.

"I love a face mask, especially when [you've been] wearing makeup," she explains. "It's really hard to get it out of your pores. So I love a good face mask. I've got 20 minutes of me time, which for a mom of four is a lot."

SELF-CARE TIP #2: Recharge in the morning AND reset at night.

"My winning combo is doing the same two things in the morning and [at] night," says Hilaria. 

Taking a bath at the start and end of the day will wake you up, and then reset you for bed, the mom of four explains. She says she uses clean water with no bubbles and a jasmine scrub. (Hilaria brought one with her — and Rach loved the smell.)

"When you don't have a lot of time," she says "it makes it feel like a big spa experience." 

Then, she uses eye drops to help keep her eyes clean. After all, when you take your makeup off, she points out, the residue from the makeup sometimes gets stuck in your eyes and you wake up with buildup. 

"After I wash my face," Hilaria explains, "I use eye drops and rinse [my eyes] out."

SELF-CARE TIP #3: Focus on your body with yoga.

Hilaria couldn't give self-care tips without suggesting yoga — and we love her for it. 

Watch her demonstrate a balance pose called a tree pose in the video above. (And you can learn more of Hilaria's yoga poses here.)

"It just makes you focus on your body," our favorite yogi explains. "No yoga pose is magical, but it's making your mind start to think."

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