How To Fix a Button Without Sewing

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Playing Life Hack: Fix a Button Without Sewing Using a Twist Tie | Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi

Fashion accidents happen — there's no doubt about it. And while they range from mild frustrations like a stuck zipper to full-on fashion disasters like a red wine stain, there are just as many hacks that can help you out when you have a style emergency.

A button popping off your clothing probably falls somewhere between frustrating and disastrous on the fashion fail scale. It really depends on what exactly the button was keeping closed — and whether you have a needle and thread handy.

Luckily, Marie Claire's Fashion Editor-at-Large, Zanna Roberts Rassi, has a quick fix for a popped button that works *seamlessly* when you find yourself in this particular bind and there's no sewing kit in sight.

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Zanna's trick? Just use a twist-tie, like the kind that comes on a loaf of bread, as a makeshift needle and thread. Who doesn't have a bunch of those laying around their home or office, right?!

"Strip it down so it's just the wire," Zanna says. It's fairly easy to then thread the wire through the buttonholes and poke it through a sweater or cardigan, serving as a temporary fashion fix until you can locate a needle and thread.


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