How To Fix a Sagging Couch Without Having To Buy a New One

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Playing Cheap Fixes For Saggy Couch Cushions | Interior Designers Genevieve Gorder & Christian Dunbar

A sagging couch admittedly does not look (or feel) great — but if you aren't ready to shell out the big bucks for a new sofa, there are some budget-friendly solutions you can try.

Interior designers and married couple Genevieve Gorder and Christian Dunbar are each sharing their best tip for reviving saggy couch cushions.


Couch Type: Couches With Foam Cushions

Fix: "Instead of spending thousands, you simply disrobe your cushions," Genevieve says. "It's probably cheaper foam in there." 

1" – 1 ½" high-density foam can be purchased at any foam store (or ordered online) for about $50 - $80 per cushion, according to Genevieve. "It's a lot cheaper than buying a new sofa and this will last you years," she says.

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Couch Type: Couches With Feather Or Down Cushions

Fix: "The feathers lose all the air out of their baffles, so what do we do? We want to put air back into it. All you do is beat the heck out of it," Christian says.

Take your saggy down cushions or pillows and physically beat them on the floor in ALL directions to infuse air back into the feathers and revive the shape of your sofa. This is a helpful exercise to do once a month.

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