How To Fold T-Shirts Into Perfect Little Squares (So You Can “File” Them in Your Drawers)

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Playing You're Doing It Wrong: This Is How To Fold T-Shirts (So You Can "File" Them in Your Drawers)

You thought you knew how to fold a T-shirt... until now!

We had our minds blown by Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, the ladies behind the Nashville-based, full-service home organization company Home Edit. 

Rach followed along as Clea shared with us the simple steps for making tees into what she calls "a perfect little square" (which, in turn, makes them so much easier to store). Just slip the folded tees into a drawer or basket "file folder" style, so you can see everything without having to pull out a huge stack of stuff. Genius!  

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So, how to get those squares?

  1. Start with the front of the T-shirt facing down, so it ends up with the design facing upright.
  2. Fold it into thirds, bringing the sides (a.k.a. sleeves) in.
  3. Then, fold it in half, bringing the bottom side up.
  4. One last fold (bottom side up again), and you've got your cute lil' square!

Watch Rach try it in the video above!

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